Can I be added? Not sure if i’ll end up making a “thoughts” posts or a review/recap (I suck at them, but I’ve been itching to try my hand at one) but I’d love to be able to post here. Hannibal needs more love on these sites. » 4/25/15 12:40pm Saturday 12:40pm

I read this a few years ago and stopped halfway. My biggest problem with it was its tone. There was a heavy use of anal sex jokes and other infantile sex humor and “crazy characters/situations” that seem to appear for the sake of being edgy (oh look at this guy who’s secretly into BDSM that’s so weird/ someone was… » 4/22/15 8:56pm Wednesday 8:56pm

Even better: You can read all these comics (and more) with Marvel Unlimited. They currently have a Star Wars promo (bunch of old Star Wars comics have been added, 500+) and with the promo code STARWARS you get the first month free. I’m currently trying out the service with the free month and seeing if I keep with it.… » 4/20/15 7:56pm 4/20/15 7:56pm

He’s really annoying. Like you said, it’s cute at first but after the upteenth time it’s grating. Also creating a whole show around the lipsync thing is horrible. Celebrity worship at its worst. Half of the time they’re not funny or original. It’s just horrible and I don’t see how a show like that can last more than a… » 4/20/15 1:25am 4/20/15 1:25am