Does it say anywhere in her offer that you have to shave for x amount of time? If not, then take the Chromebook or Nexus 9 and wait a few months to let it grow back. You'll have to shave for a while but oh well, doesn't matter you've got a Nexus 9! » 11/28/14 7:29pm 24 minutes ago

Don't even mention Peter Parker. Just make it so Miles Morales is just the Spider-Man of this world and tongue-in-cheek say he was inspired by a comic book about a guy with similar powers. It'd be a great way to get Spidey in the MCU (is Miles Morales property of Sony or does Marvel own the movie rights?) and have… » 11/27/14 7:09pm Yesterday 7:09pm

The biggest reason is ease of use and convenience. You're not stuck having to use your laptop to put whatever you want on the tv. You can cast basically whatever you want from your laptop, phone, or tablet and it's in there immediately from anywhere in the house. For the price it's just a really great device that's… » 11/27/14 10:11am Yesterday 10:11am

I think it's just based on genetics. Parents pass it down to their children, the same way in Harry Potter you have wizards who may children of two wizards, or a muggle and a wizard, or even two muggles (with wizard ancestry). And sometimes you get Squibs or non-benders in this case, though they still carry the bending… » 11/25/14 6:28pm Tuesday 6:28pm

Oh man, I'd do the same thing. I'd just adopt every dog I could find and keep them and try finding good homes for all them and just roll around in the yard with them and put little cute bowties on them and put the puppies in little baskets and just cry tears of joy because I'd be the happiest man alive. » 11/25/14 6:06pm Tuesday 6:06pm

My biggest wish back when the Ponds were still on the show was for a Doctor Who spinoff based around the Pond trio (Amy, Rory, and River) having their own investigation practice. Have River revived from the Library from some unknown force and have her team up with her parents and some new characters and just solve… » 11/25/14 2:55pm Tuesday 2:55pm

They didn't bring back dinosaurs, did they? From what i gather if this is a sequel and not a reboot, the park is based on that island found on JP3 that where dinosaurs managed to survive. They might have used genetic engineering to make more docile versions of dinosaurs and probably bring back a few otheres like that… » 11/25/14 2:27pm Tuesday 2:27pm

But they're already diluting their brand by having an upcoming Flash movie and Green Arrow in the Justice League movies when they already have the tv show counterparts, which at the point those movies come out, will have been on for a few good years already. If anything, it's a slap to the creators of these shows. "We… » 11/24/14 1:40pm Monday 1:40pm