They'd need to pay someone and you'd have someone subjected to whatever nasty photos a troll posts. Simply not allowing grey commenters to post pics is the best way. Then after a certain requirement is met will they be given pics privileges or simply uplifted to approved commenter status. » 8/28/14 3:38am Yesterday 3:38am

Don't make me cry. Book 3 of LoK has to be one of the best seasons of any animated show in recent years. It was everything I was expecting from the show during it's first two seasons and now that we finally got it... made online-only. Such a shame the way the show was treated by Nickelodeon. » 8/26/14 8:50pm Tuesday 8:50pm

Bill possibly turning human was such a tease. His skin was looking brighter, Jessica noted how warm he was, Sookie could finally read his thoughts, and when he cried for the last time his tears were a mix of blood/water. Then Sookie completely neglects to tell him she heard his thoughts and goes in for the kill. I'm… » 8/25/14 7:31pm Monday 7:31pm

You'll see Edward Nygma, a young kid in middle school obsessed with solving puzzles and riddles 'cause he's quirky like that. He also witnessed the Wayne murders, along with Selena Kyle, Poison Ivy, and every other villain. Because everyone is connected and life is so crazy like that sometimes. /s » 8/24/14 10:39am Sunday 10:39am

I don't think we've gotten a new theme yet. There were definitely new tracks this episode, but as for one specifically linked with Twelve, I didn't really catch one. I think Murray Gold said we wouldn't get one in the first episode with Twelve but in a later one. » 8/23/14 9:20pm Saturday 9:20pm

I'll be honest, I wasn't really feeling much of Capaldi/Twelve at the beginning but began warming up to him in the diner scene with Clara. They seemed to click perfectly and it reminded me a bit of how well Amy and Eleven were together. I think the reason they work so well is that that Twelve is much more calm and… » 8/24/14 12:08am Sunday 12:08am

I'm not sure I'm a fan of how Bolin quickly lavabended. With Zaheer we had a good amount of background to his aspirations for flight, but Bolin goes from simple kid in one second, to lava-bending master the next. Too contrived for my tastes. He didn't even have an epiphany moment like Toph did.

» 8/23/14 1:19pm Saturday 1:19pm