Thanks for the link. I'm really disappointed with the show's decision to make it rape. The original version was much more interesting in terms of showing how these two characters were and how complex and messed up their relationship was. It also messes ups Jaime's character big time. » 4/21/14 1:47pm Monday 1:47pm

I haven't seen the episode yet (I've read the books) but what I'm getting here is that they had Jaime basically rape Cersei in the Sept? Because that is beyond fucked up, not even part of the books, and completely ruins two characters and their relationship in ways that completely deviate from the books. » 4/21/14 8:17am Monday 8:17am

Doesn't matter what Zod wanted. Superman should've done his best to lure Zod and his people away from Metropolis. Anything. The fact that he doesn't seem to show much concern over who gets hurt during his fight with Zod is what bugs people more. Not the destruction, but Superman's blatan disregard for human life durig… » 4/17/14 10:13pm Thursday 10:13pm